December is such a busy home cleaning time of year for everyone. When I was young with no commitments the work Christmas party was something I really looked forward to! It was a chance to look my best and have fun with people I had become close to at work.

How times change.

Fast forward 20 years. My weekends are spent taking the children to all of their social activities. Gone are the days where I would spend the whole day trying millions of outfits on in dotty p’s. I would lather the fake tan but back then we plucked our own eyebrows and painted our own nails. Oh and straighteners didn’t exist!

So, in November when we are asked if we would like to go to the staff Christmas night out. It would be so easy to say no thankyou but I am so pleased I said yes and went. 

Making the effect is always good.

The Christmas staff party is the one night where you are out with your work friends and everyone is excited and in good spirits. It was so nice to laugh and dance with my colleagues. I really think it pulls you closer together when you get to know a little more about each other. 

So in future I shall always be saying yes to the Maid to Butler Housekeeping Services https://www.maidtobutler.co.uk Christmas staff parties as having fun and laughing with your work friends is a present in its self.

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