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Christmas is coming and rather than sharing in the excitement that my children’s are experiencing I am starting to feel dread. Dread of all the tasks I think I need to do but have no idea when to fit them all in. 

Where to start….

So, do I start with de-cluttering the children’s rooms, writing out the Christmas cards (but what is the name of my Great Uncles partner again and where is the book with all the addresses in?), Booking all those amazing hashtag makingmemories experiences to look like I am having an amazing life on Instagram or join slimming world for the next two weeks to loose these years of fat I have acquired and need to loose to feel good in a sparkly dress for the works night out. #723 50s Pretty Lady w/ Gifts-Dog-Vintage Christmas Card-Greeting

Which to do first……

I have decided to just stop…just stop.. since when do I have to do all of the above? I don’t, Its just me putting tons of pressure on myself to the point where I can spin off like a spinning top. 

My kids don’t want a mam who is stressed and doesn’t have anytime for them. So, I am going to just be myself, I am going to be carefree, play games, smile and laugh. I am going to dance around the house until the kids tell Alexa to stop as they are sick of listening to the sound of music sound track. 

But what about the list?

As for my to do list? We will simply close the door to the children’s rooms, I will have a lovely evening with the kids writing the cards together. I will tell them about their great uncle Tom and how he sailed the seven seas as a navel officer and had many an adventure. I will come off Instagram as it just adds the pressure on and my kids would much rather I was looking at them than a screen. We will go for walks and watch Home Alone on the telly. And as for the office night out, I am going to wear flatties, a dress I can wear again and again which is the right comfy size and leap and sing on the dance floor to Slade!

Merry Christmas! 🙂

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Christmas Spinning Tops…

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