Welcome to Lockdown Two

As we head into lockdown number two of the year we’re grateful for the changes that have been made from round one. This time around we can continue to clean our customers homes and what a relief that is. Cleaning and caring for our team and customers always comes first. 

We’ve focused on cleaning within the Government guidelines issued and re training our team to ensure they can work as safely as possible. This has been met with so much positivity from our customers and it only reinforces how important our role is in keeping your little bubbles as clean as can be.

Cleaning and Caring

We’re mindful of other small businesses who can no longer trade and are greatly affected by this further lockdown and the repercussions for jobs throughout out the country, our county and on our door stop.

We are collecting for the Matthew Project and accepting food donations which will be delivering in December. This has been led by Louise who wants to do what she can to help such an important cause.

“I would like to help make a little bit of a difference in our local community so I have started a food bank donation basket at our office. It would be lovely if any staff and customers would like to donate some items which will help local families going through tricky times”.

To support local businesses we will also feature offers in our customer newsletter.  If you need to update your customer email  contact us with any changes so you don’t miss out!

We also have to make sure our team are fully supported and confident to carry out the all important cleaning work we pride ourselves on. Through training in all areas of cleaning and ensuring we are a COVID secure workplace this gives our team the know how they need. In turn they can focus on looking after our all important customers.

Get in Touch

We’re welcoming any of our customers with small business of their own to get in touch. You are welcome to send us any offers or message you’d like to send from your business. We’d be happy to add to our newsletter and send to all of our customers.

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Cleaning, Exclusive Offers and Lockdown Number Two

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