In a kitchen that sees plenty of action, grease–the residue of cooking, can form a grimy layer on every surface and cleaning it can be tricky.

Kitchen cupboards tend to suffer the worst of this, however, as they are often overlooked in the cleaning process. What happens then is one evening you go to open a cupboard and squish, you get a handful of sticky stuff. Yak!

It’s unpleasant and also notoriously difficult to remove unless you apply significant elbow-grease. If you would like Maid to Butler clean the grease away and make your kitchen sparkling give us a call.


Here are two easy methods to keep your kitchen cupboards free from grease-build up.

How to clean non-wooden kitchen cupboards (formica, metal,glass)

Before you begin, you’ll need:

* A heavy duty cleaner

* Micro-fiber cloth

* Bucket (or sink)

1) Mix and apply
Mix the heavy-duty cleaner with some warm water in a bucket or the sink, using the instructions on the bottle as a guideline.

Now you’re ready to fight that grease…..

Use a microfiber cloth and wash every inch of your kitchen cupboards, with a special focus on the main grease-buildup areas.

Leave the solution on the cupboards for 2 minutes, before concentrating on the greasiest parts of the cabinet such as around the handles.

2) Remove suds
Remove the grime from your microfiber cloth by squeezing the suds into a separate bucket or the sink.

3) Rinse and dry
Using another damp cloth, wipe down your cabinets and rinse them until no trace of the solution remains. Finally, wipe dry the cabinets with a microfiber cloth and once finished, you’ll be pleased to see that you’ve got your old shiny new cabinets back.

How to clean wooden kitchen cabinets

When it comes to wooden cabinets, a gentle approach is needed so as not to damage them.
Before you begin you’ll need:

* Microfiber cloth

* Dishwashing liquid

* Oil-soap solution

* Bucket

1) Apply dishwashing liquid
Mix a little dishwashing liquid with some water, and wash your cabinets down with the solution. This won’t remove the stubborn grease spots. That comes next.

2) Apply oil-soap solution
Now those stubborn grease spots can be dealt with. Once again, wash every inch of your cabinets, using the oil-soap solution. Oil soap solution is designed specifically to target grease and other sticky stains on wooden surfaces.

3) Wipe dry
With a soft microfiber cloth, wipe your cabinets down. Make sure you follow the grain of the wood and avoid the temptation to wipe in a circular motion as you could damage the surface.

If you find your wooden cabinets are still dull, even after cleaning, apply a little furniture polish to bring out the sheen.

Use these tips to keep your kitchen cabinets looking (and feeling) clean.

Cook to your heart’s content safe in the knowledge you greasy kitchen cabinets will never bother you again.

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