The wave of being more environmentally aware is hitting most homes including mine.

Making small environmentally aware changes

As a family we are talking about how we can make our small changes to help make sure we have a healthy planet for the future generations.

I remember my parents telling me to ‘put a jumper on’ if I was feeling the cold in the house and who knew that they were actually right instead of cranking the central heating up to Greece temperatures as was my husband’s and my way of dealing with a slight chill in the home.

As well as the usual home environmentally friendly changes such as recycling, we are also going to apply it as much as we can to this Christmas. I think it will take us a few goes at Christmas to get it to what we could say is making a small change to our  footprint but like anything, we have to start somewhere.

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

Image result for plastic rubbish toysI am sure many of you have seen how many plastic toys kids have in their bedrooms and even toy rooms these days. My children’s rooms are no exception so we are cutting right back on what they can put on Santa’s list.

This alone we are finding so so so hard to do! It is a week until Christmas and the panic is setting in! Will there be enough presents for them? Will their piles be the same size? Have we spent enough?

The answer to these questions is they do not need many gifts and on the day, as long as they have their main presents from their lists that is all that will matter.

I am in the throws of needing stocking filers and it is so hard to resit the temptation to fill them full of plastic cheap gifts but we are going old school with tangerines and home made gifts.Image result for tangerines in stockings

There are some great tips on how to plan a more environmentally Friendly Christmas here https://www.telegraph.co.uk/christmas/0/eco-friendly-christmas-tips-how-host-green-wrapping-paper-cards/

I am also giving a plant based diet a go too. Although it is very tricky to keep to it is really opening up a whole new world of cooking to me! I am enjoying trying new recipes and I am very proud when the whole family eats one of my meals and enjoys it! So maybe this year it won’t be a plant based Christmas Dinner for everyone at our table but small changes to our Christmas buying can make an impact on our families contribution to making a small difference for the better and we can have crackers for the first year without tiny combs in which are only good for cool mice 🙂 https://metro.co.uk/2019/11/21/plastic-free-reusable-crackers-make-christmas-go-off-sustainable-bang-11190797/


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Environmentally Friendly Christmas

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