Societies home cleaning has change so much in the past decades. In the by gone era of Downton Abbey https://www.itv.com/downtonabbey it was only high society who had the opportunity to have a housekeeper but in 2019 having a home cleaner is as usual as having a window cleaner. Many families now have working parents. Trying to keep on top of the household chores can be really difficult whilst spinning all the many plates modern households have going on. Our home cleaners help many households and we pride ourselves on having the work ethic of the by gone era housekeepers to take pride in our work.

Maid to Butler Cleaning Services help to take this burden away from house holds and it is such a good feeling to come home knowing your bathroom and kitchen has been cleaned, your floors are hoovered and washed, and even the linen on your bed has been changed. Bliss!

Maid to Butler Housekeeping Services have been cleaning homes in Northumberland and Newcastle for over 10 years. We take pride in our home cleaning and go the extra mile to ensure we do an excellent job. We know that customer care is so important to making sure you have a great experience with Maid to Butler Housekeeping Services.

We cover Morpeth, Cramlington, Blyth, Amble, Walkworth, Ashington, Bedlington, Seaton Sluice and Gosforth. We currently have over 200 customers and 25 cleaning staff who we employee directly.

If you would like to find out more about our home cleaner service please look at our website https://www.maidtobutler.co.uk 

or call us on 01670 457880, email enquiries@maidtobutler.co.uk

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