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The Cleaners at Maid to Butler are amazing!

I love my business, Maid to Butler Cleaning Services. It is a third child to me. It was an idea 12 years ago and I have been lucky enough to be able to bring this idea to life.

We are now about to celebrate the companies 12th year in business. I am so proud that the company has created more than 30 jobs for local people.

Good Staff and been valued is key to a good company.

Many people who I chat with who work in an area where they employ staff say one of the hardest parts of the job is to find and keep good staff. Maid to Butler have never found this to be true for us.

We are always inundated with good quality applicants when we advertise a vacancy for a cleaner. Carol and I then do a vigorous sifting process to see who meets the criteria of the job description and then we conduct interviews and collect references. Then we offer the successful applicant a probationary appointment with us and they go through a robust training programme with us. 

We are extremely mindful that we need to ensure that the cleaners are able to clean to a high standard but also conduct themselves professionally in customers homes and these are the qualities of a Maid to Butler Housekeeper. 

Being part of a team.

Team work of the cleaning team at Maid to Butler.
Team Work is how Maid to Butler Cleaning Services work well.

From speaking to our ladies, they feel part of a work family and are very happy in their work and being part of the Maid to Butler team. This means that it is rare for a staff member to move on to new jobs with other employers. Over a third of our ladies have been with us for more than 8 years and all of our staff have a fantastic work ethic who take pride in their work. 

There are many great areas in Maid to Butler but the staff are the number 1 best resource we have. On a daily basis customer call the office or chat to the cleaners to say what a great job they are doing and I am so proud that they are the face of Maid to Butler. 

Contact us for our cleaners to come and make your home shine.

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If you would like some help with your home cleaning when you are at your staff party please call us on 01670 457880, email us on enquiries@maidtobutler.co.uk or click here https://maidtobutler.co.uk/form

Please have a look at our reviews at https://www.yell.com/biz/maid-to-butler-housekeeping-services-choppington-6951593/

Cleaners who are amazing!

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