It’s a hugely important question when thinking about  who is going to come and clean for you or your parents.

There are not many professions where you leave a stranger in your home alone so you have to have absolute confidence that the person is trustworthy and professional.

We hear many uncomfortable stories from customers who have had clean’s in the past. Usually a solo person who decides they will start cleaning homes but often lack insurance, sustainability in being able to be reliable every week of the year and most worryingly, as they are not employed by a company so no-one has checked their backgrounds. 

Domestic Cleaning

How are we different?

This is an area Maid to Butler excel at as we have had over 10 years of operating a business and hiring cleaning staff to make sure we get the right staff on board with us. 

How do we make sure we know our staff well?

We have a vigorous recruitment policy  from advert, application, interview, verbal and written references, training and at the end of the 6 months probationary period with us we know them very well and we make the decision if they will become permanent members of our team. 

All our staff (unless customers prefer one cleaner) work in teams of two. This gives reassurance to our customers of the trustworthiness of a team rather than an individual. https://maidtobutler.co.uk/form

Our office team speak regularly with our customers to check all is going well with our service. Our head housekeeper is always doing spot checks as well as planned checks at customers homes whilst the cleaners are there to check we continually have the excellent standard of cleaning we expect. 

We have a very low turn over of staffing. This is excellent for us as we know our staff very well and we are a very close team of 25 staff. Our staff offer our customers home a super clean as well  as consistency of the same time to your home.

How to contact us.

If you would like for Carol, our head housekeeper to pop out and have a chat with you about your home cleaning requirements please give us a call on 01670 457880  or through our website https://maidtobutler.co.uk/


Who is in your home to clean?

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