A MTB Housekeeper’s day.

“I have worked at Maid to Butler Cleaning Services for over 6 years and I really enjoy my work. 

A good work life balance is important to me so I  work part time. Spending time with my family and get my own home ship shape is key to my own well being. 

We work in teams of 2 to give our Maid to Butler customers peace of mind.

domestic cleaningAt Maid to Butler we work in teams of two. This way if my partner is ill or on holiday the customer knows me well. Customers don’t worry about strangers coming into their homes. My Colleagues are really nice people. We enjoy chatting about our families and what we have been up to whilst travelling to customers homes. Working 4 days and within 2 teams means we know each other very well and work well together. We take turns to clean bathrooms and kitchens, hoovering and dusting. 


We meet at the office every morning to collect the keys.

Once the family are off to school and work I tend to arrive at the office at Choppington next to Bedlington for around 8.15am. I have a chat to Carol and Sarah (the office manager’s) about my route that day. I then sign out the keys I will be needing and then my team mate and I then go off to clean for the day. After our cleans have ended we return to the office. We pass on any information from the day and sign the keys back in which are then locked in the safe. 

Working at Maid to Butler gives me lots of variety in my job.

domestic cleaning

There is great variety in the houses I clean. One of my lovely customers is elderly and she really enjoys our visit every week . We clean through her home and change the linen on her bed. When we leave our customer is  settled with a cup of tea and a sandwich. We may then go on to a home where the family are are out at work. It is very satisfying to know that we have done a great cleaning job and when the family come home they will be pleased with our hard work. 

The houses we clean in each day vary also, from a cozy flat in shelter accommodation through to 5 bedroom modern homes and farm houses. 

Whichever home we are in we always take great pride in our work and work at speed with skill to make sure the clean is to the highest standards. 

Maid to Butler are a very professional company.

Professional cleaning servicesFinding a place of work where you are happy can be tricky but Maid to Butler is a great company to work. All the staff are kind and professional and most have been there years like I have so we get on great. We often go out for a lovely meal together. 

There are very high expectations on us to be professional and to do the cleaning in the Maid to Butler way. Our manager always lets us know if a customer has sent in some lovely feedback on their cleans. Our manager is always appreciated of our hard work.  

Working at Maid to Butler is very rewarding and it will be my work place for a long time as I feel a part of the team and I enjoy my work here. 

  If you are professional, kind, have a can do attitude and clean to a very high standard then I would recommend Maid to Butler as the place to work”.

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Maid to Butler, a day in the life.

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