Mrs Hinch Home Cleaning Ideas and Tips. 

Mrs Hinch has brought home cleaning to the forefront of many peoples thoughts. It is fantastic to see that the ideas people are sharing on her facebook pages are really helping to make homes clean and tidy. More importantly having a clean and tidy home has a big impact on peoples psychological well being. As the saying goes, a tidy home equals a tidy mind. Maid to Butler Cleaning Services Mrs Hinch

Here are some great tips the Good Housekeeping Guide has pulled together from Mrs Hinch click here tips and ideas click here.

How Maid to Butler Cleaning Services can help

If you love reading about the tips and ideas but just don’t have the time to actually do then Maid to Butler can help. We use tried and test products to make sure that we clean to an excellent standard. Our 25 cleaning ladies love the tips people share on Mrs Hinches facebook. We share them in the office and even use some of them in our cleaning. Maid to Butler Cleaning Services

We have always put the triangle in the end of the loo roll. It looks professional and nicely completes the bathroom clean. A nice little tip from Mrs Hinch’s click here facebook page is to press the end of the toilet roll under the tap. It makes a cute indentation. 

Our ladies love to clean and find a lot of satisfaction in making sure your home is lovely and clean for when you come home. We also clean for a lot of elderly people who love to see our ladies and have a chat with them as they clean. 

How to contact us.

Please get in touch if you would like some help with your home cleaning by calling us on 01670 457880, email us Click here or click here to get in touch contact form

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