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25 Sep 2018
Busy lives and clean homes.

We have a very busy live with the children and our working hours so your services are invaluable to our home. There is nothing nicer than knowing we are coming home one day a week to a lovely clean and tidy home. We definitely recommend you.

12 Mar 2019
Always professional

Excellent, professional service. Friendly and trustworthy staff – at every level.
I would highly recommend.

10 Feb 2019
Very good cleaning service for over 2 years at Cramlington

My wife and I have had Maid to Butler Cleaning Services for over 2 years and we are very happy with the ladies work.They are professional, reliable and do an excellent job. The cleaners do any jobs we need that day such as changing our beds or cleaning the whole house

Mrs Jackson, Cramlington
04 Feb 2019
Definitely recommend them

Excellent cleaning and we really trust the cleaning ladies who come to our house each week. Carol in the office checks we are happy with everything and our house is always lovely and clean and tidy after the ladies have been. We really recommend them. 


05 Oct 2018
Deep Clean was great.

Maid to Butler have done a marvelous job of a deep clean of our home. Great results and we are now booked in for weekly cleans to keep it looking tip top.

10 Sep 2018
Great service

Excellent service from friendly employees who are trustworthy reliable and who pride themselves on doing a good job.

05 Sep 2018
Great customer care

Maid to butler have a fantastic team of staff. They are a trustworthy and hardworking team with great customer care and they really care about getting it right with their customers.

19 Aug 2018
Busy family life makes Maid to Butler invaluable to us.

We are a very busy family so life is unpredictable. We decided to look for home cleaning services to help us manage with the daily housework as we have the best intentions but we never get around to doing more than a quick clean and hoover. Maid to Butler have been brilliant. They never let us down and go the extra mile if we need other jobs doing such as changing the bed sheets or hanging out the washing which I put in the washer as I dash out the house in the mornings. We are very happy to recommend them to others.

12 Aug 2018
Fantastic cleaning service every day for 4 years to our home in Bedlington.

Maid to Butler have been providing cleaning to our home for the past 5 years. The ladies are friendly and professional and the office care team are fantastic. We have recommended Maid to Butler to many of our friends and family in Northumberland and they are really pleased with them too. Great Service and great work ethic.


04 Feb 2018
Maid to Butler have been a great help for my elderly parents.

My parents are in their 70’s have poor health. Maid to Butler have been a god send to me as they have been very understanding of how difficult it has been for mum to have people coming into her home to offer housekeeping support. The Maid to Butler staff have been coming to my parents home every week for 3 months now and my mum looks forward to them coming.
I would highly recommend them.

13 Oct 2017
A very professional service

Maid to Butler have cleaned our home for over a year and we are extremely happy with the service they provide.
They have never let us down and we have the same staff every week. The clean is always great and the customer care team take the time to call us and carry out quality checks to make sure the service is what they expect.
We would definitely recommend them.

14 Dec 2016
Great for having the same regular cleaners every week

Maid to Butler have provided a weekly clean to my home for the past 2 months. AS well the cleaning being very good I love it that I have the same 2 cleaners every week. They both know my house really well and I like to know who will be in my house as we are not often there. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Mrs Clark



22 Nov 2016
Excellent support for my parents housekeeping

Maid to Butler have been providing a Cleaning service to my parents for a few months now and I can highly recommend them.

My parents were finding it difficult to cope with their housekeeping but were reluctant to have any one else in their home.

Maid to Butler provided a very professional introduction of cleaning to my parents. One of the main aspects being the consistency of the same staff which I am very grateful for and the whole teams caring approach.

I would definitely recommend their services to others especially in similar circumstances to my own.

Mr Harlow, Cramlington

17 Aug 2016

Perfect!!! Everyone from the owners, office staff and the ladies who clean every week are very friendly and approachable! We look forward to coming home knowing the girls have been! Always immaculately clean. Couldn’t do with you all. Def recommend!


16 May 2016
Superb help for my elderly parents.

Maid to Butler have provided a cleaning service to my elderly parents home for over 1 year now and they are fantastic. They offer a really flexible service from general cleaning to ironing, changing linen on beds, hanging washing out and even picking prescriptions up and a little shopping. This is an invaluable service to our family.