I bet many mum’s can relate to September feeling like a new start just like January.  After the fun and unstructured summer holidays, September is a time to feel excited about becoming organised again and getting back into a routine and this includes house cleaning.

New Year September Cleaning.

We buy the children new pencil cases and pens and I get excited to buy new cleaning cloths and products. I like to clean out my cleaning cupboard under the sink. Organise my cleaning products and equipment and start to plan which rooms I will tackle first to give a deep clean too. Which ones need freshly decorated, which furniture is looking like it needs a lick of paint or to be up graded.

All exciting projects to get my teeth in to! And, the ultimate goal, to have the house beautiful and nipping clean ready for the December celebrations! (Sorry to mention Christmas so early but preparation is key to feeling relaxed and have a stress free December (as far as housekeeping goes any way).

Bite size tasks is key to successful cleaning.

Having the house cleaning schedule planned in September means I can do a little at a time. Bite size tasks is the best way to tackle big projects or it may feel a little overwhelming. It also means I get to spend quality time with my family and not be worried about tackling all the tasks on my list as I have lots of time. When the children are home I would much rather be playing UNO and scrabble with them than cleaning :-). 

The benefits of having Maid to Butler Cleaning your home.

Having a cleaner to help with your daily cleaning tasks is a luxury but it is worth its weight in gold. Having a Maid to Butler Cleaning gives you valuable time back to spend doing things which give you pleasure. A Maid to Butler clean also gives you peace of mind of who is in your home when you are not there and the reassurance of the high professionalism and integrity of the cleaner as it is a huge deal asking people into your home who you may not know to trust them with your valuables and the beautiful home you live in. 

Vigorous vetting and training of our cleaners.

As well as vigorous vetting we also have a robust training programme which includes Maid to Butler’s expectations and values which all cleaners adopt. Carol and Sarah are always at the office to make sure we offer excellent customer care to you and your home and we have £1 million liability insurance to give you peace of mind. https://www.maidtobutler.co.uk

Would you like to have a cleaner?

Call us on 01670 457880  email us on enquiries@maidtobutler.co.uk or contact us using the contact form on this website https://maidtobutler.co.uk/form

We look forward to hearing from you!




Spring Cleaning for September

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