1950’s values in traditional Housekeeping

Thank you for visiting our site. Maid to Butler is a family owned company which has been established for over 9 years delivering high quality cleaning services to homes.

All of our staff have sunny personalities and have been vetted and trained in our standards and ethos.

We have over 95% staff retention rate as our staff tell us they feel part of a family with us and enjoy their work. In return for their loyalty and delivery of excellent cleaning to customer homes, we provide a work life balance for all our staff and show them we value them.

This is very important to our customers as they are putting their trust into our company when going into their homes. Mostly when the customer isn’t at home. All our staff start at our office every morning to collect customer keys from our safe and the head housekeeper passes on any updates on customer cleans for that day.

Our Head housekeepers are at the office from 8am every day managing the daily cleans and speaking with customers to ensure we deliver the best possible cleaning services, Communication is often key to  brilliant relationships with our customers and we pride ourselves on making all of our customers know we value them and we will do our very best for them.

At the end of the day all the staff return to the office to sign keys back into the safe and chat to the head housekeeper about any updates from their day.

Customers come home full of anticipation for a lovely sparkling clean and tidy home and the housekeepers return home satisfied from doing a good job and taking pride in their work.

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